5 Steps To Build Positive Self Esteem

self-esteem-jemblog-dot-comDoes having positive self esteem take work or are you naturally built with it already placed inside of you? It would be nice to be born with this quality, but many times it takes work to build self esteem. There are millions of people who need to do those extra things to make sure they are confident and they stay that way. Having confidence in who you are and what you want is a part of self esteem which does not happen overnight. However there are steps that I developed to help you along your journey. These are the steps that I share with my clients which have been known to help them to build self esteem in their lives.

1. Tell yourself positive things about you daily

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to yourself about what you want out of life. This may sound strange coming from a Life Coach, but it truly works. When you tell yourself positive things it helps to boost you up. Tell yourself that you are strong, smart, and independent! It also helps to tell yourself that you are able to make all of your dreams come true and that you are determined to do just that.

2. Do the things that make you feel better about yourself

It can help boost your self esteem immensely if you take the time to make yourself feel good and look good. It is amazing how the right clothing or the right color can change your attitude in a positive way. Also, exercise and eating right can help build self esteem too. Anything that helps you feel better inside and out will work wonders for your self esteem.

3. Concentrate on your past accomplishments

When you have those “bad” days, it helps to think about all of the goals you’ve achieved in the past. It helps to look at how you made strives and accomplished goals that you worked hard at. Look back and concentrate on those accomplishments and smile and then pat yourself on the back. This helps to boost your ego which in turn can help boost your self esteem.

4. Set small goals that you can achieve easily

Achieving goals is never easy, but any goal that you complete should be celebrated. Sometimes it’s easier to make it along your empowerment journey if you set small goals that you accomplish weekly, or monthly. For instance, you could set of goal of waking up an extra hour earlier for a week to meditate during that time. If you set something small that you accomplish weekly, this helps to build you up and also shows you that you have what it takes to achieve those long term goals that you are also working on.

5. Reward yourself for every goal you achieve

Now when you complete any goal, you should be very proud of yourself. Sometimes goals are hard to complete and it takes determination and perseverance to complete them. Each time you complete a goal you should reward yourself with something that makes you feel good about a job well done. Rewarding yourself after you accomplish any goal can make you feel great and can help to build your self esteem.

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