Allen Iverson Is About To Get alot of Money!!! …And His Ex Wife Tawanna Wants Half!!

Allen Iverson’s ex-wife says the former NBA star can’t be trusted with the nearly HALF MILLION DOLLARS he’s about to earn from Reebok … so she’s asking a judge to make sure the money stays out of his pockets.

We’ve obtained court docs filed in Georgia … in which Tawanna Iverson says the former NBA star “flagrantly, repeatedly, and willfully” violated certain terms of their divorce … and now she wants at least HALF of his upcoming Reebok check.

A.I.’s scheduled to earn a payment exceeding $450,000 from his recent shoe sales in January, according to the docs … and Tawanna says that if the company hands the money over to Iverson, she’ll never see a dime.

So, Tawanna is asking the judge to order Reebok to pay her $225,000 … or at least, “further restrain him from using” the money, and require him to deposit the funds with the court immediately.

FYI — Iverson is reportedly $1 million in debt after losing all of the $200 million he earned over his NBA career.


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