Animate & Emojify Yourself Send emojis of yourself with the iPhone keyboard that’s 100% you

animate-emojify-yourself-memoji-jemblog-dot-comYour face is an animated emoji now. Just is. And that’s because this app enables you to record yourself winking, waving and doing whatever else it is emojis do, then save the GIFs in your smartphone to be deployed whenever the time is right. Which is probably never, but still.

With Memoji Keyboard, send animated emojis of yourself to the people unfortunate enough to be your friends and family.

You’ll have a blast recreating classic emojis such as :P, B-), and of course, :D.
Then, prepare to pick up the bits of brain scattered about the room as you literally blow peoples’ minds by texting them animated emojis of your face.

They’ll ask, “how did you do that?!” but don’t tell them.
Just send them your perfectly pre-posed shrug memoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and go grill up a delicious steak.

Memoji keyboard even comes with all the regular emojis, so you can still keep it casual with people who aren’t ready for the intensity of your Blue Steel memoji (yet).


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