Attractive Circus Acrobat Accused of Deliberately Infecting Girlfriend With HIV

HIV-positive-Godfrey-Zaburoni-hjemblog-dot-comGodrey Zaburoni is a beautiful man who held an ugly secret for years and is now being accused of deliberately infecting his ex-girlfriend with HIV. In 2006, he met his girlfriend at a New Year’s Eve party on Australia’s Gold Coast. The couple’s relationship ended in September 2008 when the unnamed woman moved to Western Australia. In 2009, the woman was tested for an STD and told she had HIV. Zaburoni was arrested in 2010 after his ex-girlfriend made a complaint to police.

Today Zaburoni has pleaded not guilty to one charge of intending to transmit a serious disease, but pleaded guilty to a lesser, alternate charge of grievous bodily harm. The woman will testify that before they had sεx for the first time, she asked Zaburoni whether he had been tested for AIDS because of its prevalence in Africa. The prosecution argues he told the woman that he would not have been allowed in Australia without being tested. Unfortunately, she didn’t attain proof beyond his words and proceeded to have an intimate relationship with him. The couple initially began having protected sεx, but soon stopped using protection because Zaburoni told the woman it was more ”pleasurable” for him. The couple had unprotected sεx many times, the court heard. The key issue in the trial will be intent: whether he intended to transmit the disease to her.

Zaburoni, a Zimbabwe native, came to Australia as a member of a travelling circus and was diagnosed as being HIV-positive in 1998 in South Australia. Local doctors warned him to have safe sεx and told him to inform his partners of his HIV status.


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