Best Buy Is Selling The IPhone 5C For $50 This Weekend

If you’re planning to pick up an iPhone 5C, you should swing by your nearest Best Buy this weekend. Until Sunday October 7, Best Buy will give customers who buy the iPhone 5C a $50 gift card that they can either apply to the $99.99 device, or select Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Gamsaung Galaxy S4, which costs $199.

Such a price drop on an Apple product just two weeks after its release is unusual for a retailer, and begs questions about how the 5C is performing in the market. Apple may have had its best iPhone launch yet with the 5C and 5S, but early reports suggest the demand for the 5S is at least three times as much as the 5C. Indeed, you can pick up the 5C at any Apple Store right now, but there isn’t even an estimated ship date besides a vague “October” if you order the 5S from Apple’s website.

Also, Halloween is still three weeks away and there are a full seven weeks to go before the Christmas holiday shopping madness is upon us–which makes this price drop unprecedented.


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