Big Baby!


“Oh my God!” Is what the doctors said when they got to see Richard Sault, a 14 pound, two ounce baby boy born on December 7 in California, USA.  Apparently, he was delivered via C-section (thank goodness) and it took two doctors to life him out of his mother’s womb.  Wow!

Baby boy might be the largest child ever born in Orange County, CA but he isn’t the largest baby ever born.  The Guinness Book of World Records has the biggest baby ever weighing in at 22.5 pounds.  Crazy and amazing but still a blessing.

Other Amazing Births…


Amillia Sonja Taylor born October 2006 at 10 oz.  Only a tiny bit larger than a pen (above).

Mother Bhuri

This baby girl was born on Feb. 26 in the bathroom of a train in India. The mother passed out and the baby fell through the toilet onto the tracks.  Amazingly, the 3.22 pound baby girl lay on the tracks for almost two hours before she was finally found alive. 

And the most amazing birth…

A 70 year old woman named Rao Devi, gave birth to her first child on November 28 in India. She and her husband were married 50 years with no children until undergoing in vitro fertilization.  They are quoted as saying “We have always longed for a child and we are very happy to have one in the twilight years of our life.”  Truly Amazing.

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