Bobby Brown May Inherit Ex-Wife Whitney Houston’s Estate

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An unfortunate incident led to the hospitalization of Bobby Kristina Brown last weekend. Bobbi Kristina inherited all of her mom,Whitney Houston’s net worth after the legendary singer’s death. It resulted in a disrupted relationship between her and other family members. She received 10 percent of the estate on her 21st birthday and was set to inherit all of it when she turned 30.The family feud over her mother’s inheritance and their resentment left her emotionally abandoned.

Now, after having been in the hospital for almost a week after being found unresponsive in the bathtub and reportedly suffering brain damage, her family has been told to prepare for the worst. The devastating news that she may not recover is a painful reality for her loved ones.

Amidst the tragedy, her family members instead of pondering about how they could have helped Bobby come out of her depression are playing the blame game. It is sad that media mogul Tyler Perry reportedly had to separate Nick Gordon and Bobby Kristina’s father from her bedside before a physical fight occurred.

Revelation of the fact that Bobbi Kristina and the man who she called her ‘husband,’ Nick Gordon, were not legally married could mean a fortune for her father, singer Bobby Brown. If the worst-case scenario happens and Bobbi Kristina does not survive, since she has no will, it could mean that her father is set to inherit an estimated $20 million dollar estate that was left to his daughter by Houston, as per Georgia law.

It is still unknown whether there is any other person named to inherit Houston’s wealth.

Houston divorced Brown in 2006. Brown had a negative relationship with the Houston family. The rift between them was on display when Brown was allegedly asked to leave the funeral service of Houston. It has also come to light that Brown’s relationship with Bobbi Kristina has declined over the years.

A family source revealed that the 21-year-old has suffered much more than anyone knows. The fights between her family, the divorce of her parents and finally the death of her beloved mother only increased her trauma. And with minimal family support, there was no one to help her out of depression.

Looking at the present situation, if the worst happens and Bobbi Kristina dies, a huge battle is likely to be fought over the vast estate to be inherited.


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