Cast Of Love & Hip-Hop New York Go On Strike!!


All is not well with the cast of the New York version of Love & Hip-Hop. Reportedly, the cast is unhappy because things didn’t go their way during contract negotiations. On Tuesday, the entire cast was expected to film a trailer for the next season of the show, but only half showed up. Everyone else blew it off in protest of their failed attempt to get better contracts. According to TMZ:

“We’re told the half that did show up then got upset … believing they too were entitled to revised contracts … and stormed off.

We’re told most of the cast members want more money — as much as double their last contract — but there are other problems too … some are pissed at how they were portrayed last season and they want more say in what footage gets aired.”

Apparently, the dispute isn’t all about money with some of the cast members. Some of them are also upset about how they were portrayed on the last season of the show, and want more say-so on what makes it on the air. If the cast doesn’t have their demands met, they plan on continuing their strike for as long as it takes.

My personal opinion (not that you asked, but I’m going to give it to you anyway)? I don’t know about this. Love & Hip-Hop New York is not as popular as its Atlanta counterpart, and the ratings for the last season of the show were less than stellar. It wouldn’t be hard to replace some, if not all, of the cast. And let’s be honest, everyone on the cast is not a Yandy Smith with multiple hustles and multiple paychecks. For a few of them, Love & Hip-Hop is the only solid income they have.


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One response to “Cast Of Love & Hip-Hop New York Go On Strike!!”

  1. Chris says:

    I agree who do they think they are I would replace each and everyone of them.

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