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Some Guys are Really Losing it!!! Man makes a video with his Love Doll Melissa (video)

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The first video is titled "Our progressing relationship" showing a man having a confessional with his sex doll Melissa. This is her Twitter handle,, in case you want to follow her. He seems like he is really in love, so we wish him the best! The sad part is that he really feels like ...

Teen Works In Shop For 10 Weeks To Afford Christmas Presents Told He’s On Unpaid Internship

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A teenager who spent 10 weeks before and after school working in a shop to save up for Christmas has been told he won’t be getting paid. Jay El-Leboudy, 15, had been working mornings and evenings in his local Londis for over two months in a bid to save up for gifts for his family. However, when he came to ...

Lady steals from Little Kid, Fight Mother… Happy Black Friday 2015 (video)

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Don't know if this is fake or not, but if it's real then welcome to the holiday shopping

Olympic Figure Skater Debi Thomas says she’s broke and lives in bug-infested trailer (video)

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In 1988, one stumble kept Debi Thomas from standing atop the podium for figure skating at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, taking home the bronze instead. Now, 27 years later, a series of subsequent missteps have led to the former athlete living jobless and penniless in a bed bug-infested trailer. Thomas, who ...