Christian Rapper Gets Death Threats Because He Doesn’t Support Homosexuality

bizzle-rapper-jemblog-dot-comIn a reply to Macklemore’s pro-gay song “Same Love,” Christian rapper, Mark J. Felde, better known as, Bizzle, has released his own version, “Same Love (A Response), which has caused quite a stir on the Internet.

According to the Los Angeles, California born rapper, he has received death threats since he released his video and has set up a website,, featuring some of the nasty, vicious comments that he has received from the gay community.

One commenter wrote that while Macklemore’s song was a perfect example of God’s love for all of his creation, Bizzle’s attempt at a reply was nothing more than a message from Satan who had sent the Christian rapper himself.

The commenter also wrote, “I seriously hope someone kills this man, and everyone who liked this video too. There is no room on this earth for evil, disgusting, intolerant homophobic demons.” He continued, “They are vermin that need to be eradicated. Bizzle and others like him are a disease, a sickness that must be purged from this earth.

However, the Christian rapper, who thought it was about time people who profess to believe in the Lord stood up and be counted replied to the “gay anthem” and aimed his words directly at the homos*xual community.

Bizzle’s rap song, since its release on YouTube, has received over 120,000 hits and many comments from those who believe he was right to make a stand and others violently opposed to his lyrics.

According to Bizzle, who now records on the record label “God Over Money,” his words in the song are Biblically based. He added that he doesn’t hate homos*xuals, but the media were turning his video into a thing of hate.

In the video, Bizzle’s song begins with a quote from 2 Timothy 3:1-5, which warns that in the last days sinfulness will increase as men shall become lovers of their own selves. It continues that they shall pretend to love God, but will turn away from His laws and ways to become lovers of pleasure.

One of the things about Macklemore’s song that peeves Bizzle the most is where he compares the struggle of the homos*xual community to being like the African-American’s battle for civil rights.

Bizzle hits back at this comparison in the words of his song, “And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate you would compare your sexual habits to my skin, calling it the new black,” the Christian rapper states.


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