Columbus Short Arrested During Mic Check at his Album Release Party – He Needs Olivia

Former “Scandal” actor Columbus Short was arrested last Tuesday night in Studio City, California. He was scheduled to perform tracks from his new album at the Infusion Lounge when four bail bondsmen crashed the party, and slapped handcuffs on him.

According to TMZ, who broke the news of Short’s arrest, Short had been arrested because “he failed to appear in one of his domestic violence cases and the judge issued a bench warrant.” They later updated the original report to state that that was in fact not the case.

The reason for Short being remanded, it was later found, was due to a citizen’s arrest made due to a prior encounter he had with his bail bondsman.

Photographers and reporters were on the scene to capture the moment. A bewildered Short, almost in tears, listened as a large daunting man with tattoos, equipped with a bullet proof vest, explained the situation to him. Short argued that they had freaked him out, and that he was afraid for his life.

The bounty hunters can now look forward to a princely sum in the cut they will be getting from the $500,000 bail.

TMZ reports allege that bounty hunters were sent in because it was believed that Short was planning to leave the country.

Short’s representative later made things clear about the reason for arrest by saying, “[Columbus’] arrest was NOT due to an outstanding warrant… It appears that this is a citizen’s arrest as a result of an issue between Mr. Short and his bail bondsman.”

It looks like things just don’t seem to be going right for Short whose woes started around the time he was booted off of “Scandal,” following an arrest for alleged domestic violence against his estranged wife, Tanee McCall.


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