Despite her mother’s objections, Kandi Burruss marries Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss, the Real Housewife that also sells sexx toys, is getting married. After a sometimes awkward path toward matrimony, the 37-year old is finding herself to be the new wife of boyfriend Todd Tucker. Tucker is one of the producers on the show, and the two are going to get married in front of family and friends.

The show made the announcement on its website this weekend and this is a big development for a couple that has had some awkward moments due to their financial imbalance. Kandi makes a great deal more money than Todd and this has been a subject of contention for those who wonder if its OK for a woman to make more money than her man. But we say that it’s fine, especially if the couple is able to find happiness.

Burruss is a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter and was formerly a member of the hot R&B group, Xscape. Burruss’ mother isn’t too happy about the couple’s relationship and has repeatedly shown her disappointment during the show. She feels that Tucker is an opportunist who is taking advantage of her daughter. But the two aren’t paying attention to Kandi’s mother and are instead doing what’s best for themselves.

This begs the question of how to deal with relationships where the man makes more than the woman. Jet Magazine Entertainment Editor S. Tia Brown and Financial scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins discuss Kandi and Todd’s financial lovemaking in the video below. It’s an informative way to understand this relationship and others just like it:

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