Diddy Won’t Let His Son Appear on Empire

P. Diddy celebrates son Justin Dior Combs' Super Sweet Sixteen, NYC
A lot of people are on the Empire bandwagon right now, fitting as it’s been getting mostly high ratings and praise since it hit the waves. But success doesn’t stop the real from being real and the bullsh*t from being bullsh*t…after some shady details Diddy Won’t Let His Son Appear on Empire (SMH) and you really can’t blame his reasoning!

Diddy Won’t Let His Son Appear on Empire after some bad business brewed up between his son Quincy and the executives at FOX. In hearing what happened you can definitely understand why Diddy feels the way he feels, as a father and as one of the most strategic businessmen across industries:

“Page Six reports Diddy’s son, Quincy, 23, was set to appear on the show, until Diddy got wind of the contract his son would have to sign where he gave Fox his music rights. Diddy reportedly then talked to the top execs at 20th Century Fox TV to make them change the music rights stipulation, but they wouldn’t budge. Big mistake. So he banned Quincy from going on the show.”

Damn, banned…but not the music rights!!! Diddy Won’t Let His Son Appear on Empire though director Lee Daniels and Quincy were both really excited at the prospect. It’s reported FOX might change it’s tune as the show is expected to revive the network but is due for some changes for season 2, including a line-up that may include Ashton Kutcher and T.I. But as long as FOX keeps doing business like this, we know who definitely won’t be a part!


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