Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Gets Three Lawsuits Dimissed Against Him for Abuse of Young Men

Kevin Clash_elmo_lawsuit_gay_jemblog_dot_comKevin Clash of Tickle Me Elmo fame, had become famous as the most popular black puppeteer in history. He was on top of the world of puppetry, so much so that a film was made about his life. But right after Sesame Street started to tell everyone who he was, a set of ugly allegations surfaced. Clash had been accused by at least three young men of engaging in adult relationships with them even though they were minors at the time of the infractions.

Of course, shortly after the allegations came to light, Clash was dismissed from Sesame Street. He was also sued in court by the men seeking financial compensation for what they’d gone through. But Clash got some relief today as a judge dismissed three of the lawsuits against Clash. The suits were dismissed because the statute of limitations says that Clash can’t be forced to deal with charges for things that were allegedly done many years ago.

Clash’s attorney, Michael G. Berger, said that his client is seeking to rebuild his image so that he can do what he loves. Clash actually won three Emmys just last month, so his talent is essentially undeniable.

“As we have maintained all along, our goal has been to put these spurious claims behind him, so that Kevin can go about the business of reclaiming his personal life and his professional standing,” Berger said. “Kevin is looking forward to a time in the near future when he can tell his story free of innuendo and false claims.”

There is now just one lawsuit pending against Clash after another suit was voluntarily dismissed. This one might cause more problems for Clash, since it’s filed in Pennsylvania, where abuse victims have until the age of 30 to file their lawsuits.

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