Inhale/Smoke Your Alcohol with Vaportini (Video)

Vaportini provides a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, it is inhaled rather than swallowed. The taste of the individual spirits is smooth and flavorful with the subleties coming through beautifully. It’s like another distillation within the globe, so the spirit a person consumes with a Vaportini contains no impurities, almost no calories, and no carbs. The effects are immediately felt making it easier to responsibly imbibe.

Any spirit 60 to 100 proof works in a Vaportini, however, the more flavorful the spirit the better the results. Our favorites are bourbon, gin, flavored vodka, and tequila. Vaportini is not intended for beer or wine.

About an ouce and a half of a spirit is placed in the globe and the globe is placed on the base above the lit candle. In approximately 5-7 minutes the spirit is ready to consume. Depending on how aggressivley a Vaportini is consumed, it will remain “active” for 20 to 40 minutes.


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