Jermaine Dupri Slapped With $800,000 Tax Bill From The State Of Georgia

According to two separate tax liens filed by the IRS (everyone’s fav government agency) … Dupri needs to cough up tax dough from the years 2008, 2010 and 2011. Here’s the breakdown:

2008: $646.47 (not so bad)
2010: $140, 889.76 (could be worse)
2011: $657,156.12 (hello, worse)
Grand total allegedly owed — $798,692.35.
Calls to Jermaine’s reps have not been returned.

Of course JD is no stranger to tax bills. He recently paid off a $3 million tax lien for unpaid taxes in 2006. Prior to that he coughed up $500k to the State of GA for unpaid taxes.
We’re sensing a pattern …


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