Joseline Hernandez Makes Fun of Karlie Redd’s Booty (video)


Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez arrive at the HelloBeautiful office at 8am sharp. Stretched out on the couch, the duo are geared up to tackle the promo trail for season two of VH1′s most popular series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Joseline’s body is on display, in a pair of skin tight shorts and plunging top that leaves little to the imagination. Though it is particularly early, they are full of life! Despite frequent breakups, magnified by Twitter, their love is in overflowing abundance. Stevie and Joseline seem like soul mates.

The highly anticipated debut of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season two is around the corner and it’s picking up precisely where season one left off. For the first time, ever, we witnessed Stevie profess his love for Joseline. And, in doing it in our presence–we can assure you not everything in reality TV is scripted! Like all couples, Joseline and Stevie argue, fight and make hasty decisions that infuriates their mate. They’re learning.

When this happens, Stevie gives Joseline a slice of his beef cake. Joseline has to work a little harder. She stops at nothing to turn her man’s frown right side up, even if it involves sticking her tongue in between his toes! Yes. Joseline Hernandez likes to suck Stevie’s toes, and gives zero f**ks about it!


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