Kanye West Done With Music, On To Fashion


Kanye will grace the cover of the March issue of “Details Magazine” (on stands Feb. 24).  I believe you will find this interview to be particularly interesting as Mr. West says he is done with music and he’s ready to pour all his “superhero” energy into conquering fashion.  The self proclaimed “voice of this generation” has this to say about his venture into fashion:

Despite his celebrity status, West insists he’s sincere about starting from the ground up. “It’s like pressing reset on my life,” he says. “I moved from Chicago to New York and all I had was a bunch of ideas and a few DATs in my pocket and a relationship with an A&R guy at Roc-A-Fella. Now I’m moving to Paris and I have a relationship with Louis Vuitton, and it’s like, Look how far I took that relationship to the biggest record label, and look where I took it in music.”

The article covers stuff from his early inspiration for producing music, his pop-icon status and finally his love for fashion and being a trend setter.  You can check it out here at  Details Magazine.

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