Lauryn Hill Claims Dangerous Threats Kept Her From Paying Taxes

lboogie-lauren-hill-jemblog-dot-comMany people have spent the last 10 years wondering, “What’s happened to Lauryn Hill?” Well, a recent legal filing may provide some much-needed answers.

According to TMZ, singer Lauryn Hill filed legal documents asking a judge to show leniency before her sentencing. She is set to be sentenced later this month. Hill is claiming that there is a reasonable explanation for her not filing taxes. During the 2005, 06, and 07 years Hill earned more than $1.8 million dollars, on which she never paid taxes. According to the legal documents, Hill stopped paying her taxes , “when she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.”

Hill had claimed, prior, that she disappeared from the music scene because she wanted to get in touch with her musicals roots. According to TMZ, Hill wants the court to take into consideration that she can pay off the debt a lot faster if she does not have to serve a prison sentence. When sentenced, Hill faces several years in prison. Her fate will be determined on April 22nd.

Hill first hit the entertainment radar with the hip-hop group , The Fugees in the 1990s The group was comprised of Hill, Pras, and producer Wyclef Jean. It was not until Hill hit the big screen in Sister Act 2:Back In The Habit, opposite Whoopi Goldberg, that the world started to pay attention to her enormous talent. Hill went on to release her album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in 1998. The album sold 19 million copies and earned the singer five Grammys. Hill co-produced and won a Grammy for the commercial hit Supernatural for Carlos Santana in 1999. The singer then took a four year hiatus. After dropping out of the music industry for a while, she resurfaced with her MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album. To date Hill has won a total of eight Grammys. In recent years Hill has kept herself busy by recording songs for mixtapes and performing live at festivals around the world.


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