Lil Kim sued by ex-business manager for $15 million in botched deals

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Andrew Ro has fired back after the Brooklyn-born rapper issued a cease-and-desist letter claiming he involved her in bad licensing deals. He says she screwed up several endorsements.

Lil Kim is being sued by her former business manager who claims the rap diva botched several endorsement deals, reports TMZ.
Andrew Ro says he signed a licensing deal with the Notorious KIM in August through his company, International Rock Star Corp.
The deal reportedly included a perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and even a honey maker.
Ro claims Kim was troublesome when trying to get work done and even refused to take part in project meetings unless she was given more pay for her time.

When the work was actually completed, Ro says she declined to promote it, as in the case with her perfume line. The Brooklyn-born rapper even stopped taking calls altogether at one point.
However, their legal battles actually began when Kim issued a cease-and-desist letter to Ro insisting he got her involved in bad licensing deals.
But Ro claims the Queen B was the one to blame for their sour dealings.
Now he’s suing her because she reportedly cost his company $15 million in losses.


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