Lil Wayne’s $51M Lawsuit Shows The Depth Of Betrayal By Cash Money


The $51 million lawsuit Lil Wayne has filed against Birdman and Cash Money Records has given fans a truthful insight into the inner workings of the music industry’s most successful independent rap companies.

YMCMB was always projected and marketed to be a “family” but if the 21-page lawsuit Mark H. Jaffe posted is true, this family is about as dysfunctional as it gets.

Birdman and Weezy referred to each other as Father and Son, but check out how deep the deception and betrayal goes as described in the charges brought up against Cash Money:

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment is technically not owned by Lil Wayne because his “Pa”, Birdman, owns 51% interest in the label while Weezy owns 49%.
Cash Money Records failed to provide Weezy and/or Young Money with accounting statements and payments of net profits for years.

Since early 2012, Cash Money has failed to provide monthly accounting statements and/or failed to pay Young Money its share of receipts with regard to Drake’s recordings, who is signed to Young Money.

Cash Money has failed to provide a single accounting in respect of the exploitation of the Drake recordings, despite Drake being one of the best selling recording artists in recent years.
Cash Money has failed to pay Young Money any royalties for recordings owned and commercially exploited by Young Money.

Cash Money failed to properly register the copyright in the Young Money Label recordings as jointly owned by Cash Money and Carter/Young Money LLC.

Cash Money would refuse to sign artists that Lil Wayne brought to join Young Money.

Cash Money failed to account to and pay third parties (i.e. producers, etc.) involved with recording artists signed to Young Money.

These are just a few of the ways Birdman was stealing from Young Money and Weezy. Birdman/Cash Money’s actions effectively jeapordized Young Money’s ability to conduct business and waste the assets of the Young Money Label while bleeding it dry of any profits.

For years, many artists, fans, and even other complanies looked up to Cash Money as the example of how to successfully and righteously run a record company where all the artists were happily taken care of.

Cash Money failed to deliver on the loyalty and love they often spoke of and blantantly stole profits from Drake, whom they could not deny was successful and only highlighted that Cash Money was stabbing Weezy in the back.

When the loyalty and love is gone, all that’s left is the money. And it looks like Cash Money is about to cash out to pay what they owe.


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