Love & Hip Hop: Peter Gunz Admits was Broke and the show is sorta Fake “Use Common Sense People!”


Peter wouldn’t give too much away regarding where his love triangle is headed, because that would give some of the season four plot away, but he did admit “I’ve always had a problem being loyal.” He explains that he felt like his relationship with Tara was winding down and he knew she was going to find out about Amina, and he was broke and needed the paycheck. “I was gonna get busted anyway…Let me get paid to get busted. F— it.” Peter details his financial woes as his motivation for signing on to the show, and admits that in general, this situation is not something he’s proud of. With regard to Tara, he says his own mother adores her but he hasn’t spoken to her much recently and lamented “Tara is dope. That’s my loss…She don’t deserve that. I regret that more than anything.”

Peter and Sway later called up Tara, to whom Peter had not spoken since the premiere, and asked what it was like watching Peter and Amina kissing on the first episode. “I was a little bit disgusted at that, I can’t lie ” she says. “I mean, I’m sorry, I was 125,000% disgusted with that.”

“If it could work out, would you…want to work it out [with Peter]?” Sway asks her. “I want to take this time to work on myself,” Tara says, but she also tells Sway “There is nothing that can repair the damage that this has caused.” Both Peter and Tara hint that there are big relationship developments yet to be seen throughout the season, so we’re just going to have to tune it.

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