Man Hires Fake Mobster to Dupe Wife Out of $700K For His Mistress


When someone references a person as a “gold-digger,” they’re usually referring to a female; however, some men are also very skilled at talking women out of their panties and wallet. One woman is suing her husband, his girlfriend, and her husband’s friends for $10 million over a claim that he duped her into giving him $700,000 for gambling debt that was actually used to splurge on his mistress.

According to the suit, Candice Feinberg (Lalicata), the daughter of a wealthy financial and garment industry exec who was one of the investors of seamless panties, met Steven Lalicata in April 2010 when he was working for a local tanning salon on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The suit claims Steven ”immediately started to make amorous advances to then-Candice Feinberg,” and “the two started dating and became sεxually active.” It was then that Steven learned that Candice, a divorced mom of a five-year-old, had recently cashed in on a trust fund from her father. He quickly developed a relationship with Candice’s son and asked for her hand in marriage within months of meeting her.

The couple married on March 29, 2011, and everything seemed well until Steven started “disappearing for long periods of time without an explanation,” the suit says. It also alleges that Steven would “often only return after 6 a.m. or not at all for a period of days.” In an attempt to describe his weird behavior, Steven told his wife that ”the reason he had been repeatedly missing was that he had been gambling and now owed large debts” to “individuals connected with organized crime in Brooklyn who would hurt him if he did not pay,” the suit says. In one text message to his wife, Steven says “I’m in big trouble Candice,” according to the suit.

Steven solicited help from his cousins and a friend, who backed up the story. A concerned Candice ”started a process of wiring large amounts of money” to Steven so he could get away from the mob, the filing says. At one point, Steven even convinced his wife to mortgage her home in upstate Sullivan County to send him $150,000, the suit says. Steven reassured his wife that the money would ”solve his problems and they could focus on being a family, including having a baby,” the suit says. When Candice got the cash, her husband then had someone pose as a mobster outside of the bank, the suit says. The couple even got into the phony mobster’s car, where he counted the money and called someone to say, ”I got it. It’s all here.” The fake mobster even told Candice, “I don’t ever want to see this guy again,” the suit says.

That night, after the couple “further consummated the marriage” at the Sullivan County home, Steven told his wife he was going downstairs because he was having problems sleeping – and disappeared again. A few days later, Candice found out that Steven and his mistress ”Diana Fernandez traveled on vacation to the Dominican Republic.” She hired a private investigator and discovered her husband had an ”ongoing sεxual relationship” with Fernandez, the suit says. He’d been using her money that was intended to pay off the mob for luxurious shopping at Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vuitton and Cartier, paying for Fernandez’s “jewelry, luxury goods, home furnishings and travel.” Candice also discovered that the lovebirds and her husband’s cousin had gone on trips to Las Vegas “and possibly other destinations.”

The suit seeks repayment of the $744,105 that Candice says she was swindled out of, as well as $10 million in damages from Fernandez, Lalicata and their friends for false arrest and fraud.


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