Man loses job over shocking photo

A vendor at Houston’s Minute Maid Park has been fired after a fan filmed him taking a tray of snow cones into a stadium bathroom and putting it on the floor of the stall while using the facilities.
An Astros fan captured video on his cell phone at the game on Monday night that shows the vendor’s feet with his pants dropped down to his ankles as he sat on the toilet, with a box of the iced treats on the bathroom floor.

The unfortunate incident occurred during the Astros game against the Kansas City Royals – which happened to be the first game for the Astros new president Reid Ryan, the son of baseball legend Nolan Ryan.

The fan shared the video with KPRC-TV, which aired the report Wednesday night. The male fan who filmed the incident is heard on the clip expressing his disbelief.
After he films the unbelievable sight for a few moments, he then finds a stadium employee to confront the snow cone purveyor.


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