Mimi On What’s Next with Nikko- “I don’t care who feels what about it,” Plus Meet His Wife


For those who have been keeping up with LAHHATL this season (it is currently on part 1 of its 3 part finale), you are well aware that Nikko revealed to Mimi that he is married- and has been married for well over seven years. The woman’s name is ‘Margo Simms,’ and she is from Canada but currently lives in New York where she works as a bartender. When asked why he didn’t tell Mimi about his marriage, Nikko simply replied he didn’t feel she ‘need to know,’ that.

Recently Sister-2-Sister magazine reached out to Mimi for a sit down to have her discuss her reaction to Nikko’s marriage, including if she thinks him and his wife plotted against her for fame and whether or not she is going to stick to continue seeing him. Personally, after dating Stevie J for so many years and going through what she did with him, there is nothing she probably can’t tolerate. Check out what she had to say on the next page.

On if she thinks that Nikko pursued her with intentions to later exploit their relationship:
“I don’t think he went into it to do that. I don’t think that was his intention from the start. I’ve known Nikko for years. We dated back in the past. So, when I met back up with him in 2012, we started dating again. I just think things happen. I don’t think when I saw him again in L.A., he thought, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ I don’t believe that at all.”

On if she’ll be open to her friends’ criticisms when she’s ready for her next romance:
“At the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to do regardless. I know very few people that upon meeting someone, will listen to a friend . . . People have to go and bump their head. People have to figure it out on their own. It depends on each individual person. If you’re like me, I’m stubborn. I’mma do what I want to do. I don’t care who feels what about it. I have to go through my own experience, figure it out and then keep it moving.”

learning how to trust her instincts more:
“Listen to yourself more so than your friends or your parents. Listen to yourself. Yourself will never, ever steer you wrong. There were times when myself told me, ‘Something’s not right about the situation’ and I ignored it.”
Also, meet Nikko’s wife and all her pics here. She is a funky dressing fan of fashion and all things music (she’s also in a small band). And is a bartender.


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