Mom loses 140 pounds, then ditches husband and finds Young Boyfriend (video)


A 35-year-old woman who got rid of half her body weight ended up transforming her love life in the process.

Katie Williams left her husband of two years — and bagged a hot young lover — after several surgeries helped her drop 140 pounds. The London resident was nearly 300 pounds before her dramatic weight loss, which involved a boob job, gastric surgery and a tummy tuck. But the newfound attention her slim figure attracted drove her husband Phil “insane with jealousy.”

“He noticed that men were looking at me. And I kind of started becoming more of his possession than his wife,” Williams told Barcroft Media. “He couldn’t stand my new confidence and would bring me down with cruel comment.”

After two years of marriage — and more than 20 years together — Williams ditched her jealous husband and met a younger man one month later. Painter and decorator Jack King, 23, has given Williams a confidence boost and she says she’s never felt better about her body.

“Jack makes me feel really sexy and he compliments me constantly,” she said. “He loves every part of me, even the parts that I still hate and I’m very self-conscious about.”


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