Naya Rivera Says Showering Everyday Is A “White People Thing” (video)


Former “Glee” actress and Big Sean’s former “IDFWU” inspired ex-fiancee Naya Rivera made quite the claim while she was a guest on The View. She went on to say how showering everyday is a “white people thing” and that people of more ethnic backgrounds do not shower as much as them (WHAT THE F*CK?!) When co-host Rosie O’Donnell goes into the audience and calls on an African-American women to hear what she has to say about the ridiculous comment, she quickly explains that she “showers every single day.”

Naya quickly tried to save herself by saying her mother is a half black and half Puerto Rican women who also showers everyday. She further explained herself by going on to reveal her husband Ryan Dorsey, who is a white man, showers two-three times a day and she finds it weird. She says she always questions him why he feels the need to constantly clean himself. (Yeah, pretty lame attempt at fixing what she said.)

How do you feel about Naya’s outlandish claim that white people shower more than people of ethnic backgrounds?


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