Never Getting Back Together, KillSwitch Erases Your Exes from Facebook

killswitchx-jemblog-dot-comWe all have things we regret after a breakup. Those Facebook albums of kissy photos, for example, may have been a poor choice. The tramp stamp with their name on it? You must’ve forgotten that the internet is written in (tattoo) ink.

Here to help with the healing process is KillSwitch, an app for the iPhone and Android to remove any trace of your ex from Facebook.

First off, our condolences about the breakup. He/she was a jerk anyway; you deserve better. KillSwitch gives you a box of tissues and removes all the pictures of you and that dummy from your Facebook. He/she will be detagged and deleted like the dog he/she is. And don’t worry, wall posts that mention him/her will be wiped clean.

KillSwitch won’t notify him/her, because you’re not petty. And if you’re not ready to totally let go, the app can make a private Facebook folder for all that mess.

It can’t do anything about that tattoo – but hey, at least you’re not alone.


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