One Person Dies Every 19 Minutes From Prescription Drugs

Sometimes it seems like a monotonous drumbeat: marijuana has never killed anyone, marijuana has never killed anyone. But advocates don’t only repeat it because it’s true, they also repeat it because it’s so very rare.

From guns to terrorists to household appliances to deer, just about everything has the potential to kill you. But not cannabis. It is a non-toxic plant and to use enough to overdose is quite literally impossible for a human being.

As we know, some things are more deadly than others. Few things are deadlier than legal prescription drugs, as evidenced in the video below where we learn a startling statistic. Every 19 minutes someone dies from taking prescription drugs.

And what’s the answer to this apparent problem from the FDA and pharmaceutical companies? More prescription drugs and long commercials about side effects.

Oh, and paying off politicians to suppress medical marijuana in any way possible. Imagine the commercials:

“Side effects of medical marijuana may include: pain relief, increased appetite, laughter, happiness and not killing someone every 19 minutes.”

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