Peter Gunz Leaves Amina Buddafly For Snitching? – When Does the Foolishness End?


None of Peter Gunz‘s shenanigans should shock us, but he’s going to pull an especially unbelievable move on the next episode of “Love & Hip Hop.”Peter’s ridiculousness knows no bounds. After going on a family trip with Tara Wallace and their kids (and trying to see if he could rekindle their relationship) while Amina Buddafly was days away from delivering their child, he’s decided to pack his bags and leave his one-time protégé.

Why now? Amina told Tara about how many other women he was messing with while they were still together. “As far as I’m concerned, this is the ultimate betrayal. No reason for Amina to bring up the past now,” Peter stated–as if he had a valid point.

Amina wasn’t going to allow Peter to get indignant about having his past revealed to his momma. As his wife, she felt perfectly within her rights to pass the information along since there seem to be so many blurred lines in this blended family. The shade, though, came when Amina told Peter,”The bottom line is that you don’t do sh*t like that, and you don’t treat women like that.”

The thing that blows our minds is how upset Peter got about Tara knowing he cheated more than she knew. His behavior seems to imply that he’s still trying to have a romantic relationship with Tara when he has a wife at home. Then again, with the way Amina got him, she should probably expect this type of behavior.

The real question here is whether Amina will ever wise up and completely dump Peter. She’s been allowing him to embarrass her for two seasons–even after marrying her. Hasn’t she had enough of feeling like a jump-off?


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