Phaedra Parks Claims ‘RHOA’ Co-stars Abandoned Her In Time Of Need

Phaedra_Apollo_photo_jemblog-dot-comPhaedra Parks is not feeling the love from her fellow Atlanta housewives. They might throw shade and get into nasty fights, but housewives are supposed to stick together, right? Well Phaedra feels like her cast mates on The Real Housewives of Atlanta have abandoned her while she deals with her estranged husband’s incarceration.

When Steve Harvey caught up with Parks to film an episode of “The Steve Harvey Show,” airing Monday, he asked her whether the other women on the show have been there for her. “To answer that, they really haven’t been,” Parks said before amending her statement, pointing out that two of her fellow peaches have consistently had her back. “Well, I can’t say all of them haven’t been. Porsha and Nene have been very supportive, but they have been through similar situations. Not like mine, no prison or anything like that, but they’ve had situations in their marriages and relationships that were very difficult that played out in public.”

NeNe Leakes and her husband went through a huge breakup to makeup between seasons four and five. Meanwhile, Porsha Williams has been figuring out how to get her groove back ever since her ex-husband Kordell Stewart dropped her, seemingly out of nowhere, two years ago.

Having been through a divorce in the spotlight, they knew how important it is to have a support system.“Nene, you know, she has been the person who has called me every day, sent me texts just to make sure I was ok and just really been very supportive,” Parks shared. She added that although they’re not super-close, she Nene have bonded. “You know, we’re not the best of friends, but she has been a wonderful friend throughout this ordeal.”

And to think, just a few seasons ago, Leakes swore she never knew Parks before the show and couldn’t stand her when they were cast together. They’ve come a very long way since then.


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