Physician Invents Anti-Rape Condom

A new female condom developed by a South African physician is designed to not only help prevent rape, but inflict pain on the attacker, according to reports.

The device, known as the Rape-aXe and invented by Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, is a female condom with hooks or “teeth” inside. Ehlers sold her house and car in 2005 to launch the project, and plans to distribute 30,000 units of the condom at FIFA World Cup venues. After the trial period, she intends to sell the preventative device for $2.

The condom is inserted inside the woman, much like a tampon. Once an attacker penetrates the woman, the hooks dig into the penis, clasping on. The device can only be removed by a doctor.

The pain is excruciating, leaving the attacker unable to walk, pee or remove the condom himself. If he tries to remove it, the device digs deeper. However, there is no risk of fluid exposure, reports stated.

Ehlers interviewed convicted rapists, gynecologists and psychologists while developing the Rape-aXe to make sure the device was–for all intents and purposes–safe.

However, the device has been criticized by people who feel the device is too medieval and archaic. Ehlers agrees, saying the device fits the crime.

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