Preacher Leon Isaac Kennedy Sues Ebony Magazine After They Said He Leaked $ex Tape Of His Ex-Wife

According to Leon Isaac Kennedy, founder of Kenny Healing Love Ministries and worldwide evangelist, Ebony magazine published lies about his past. He assert that they were not telling the truth when they said he leaked a s*x tape of his former wife while they were going through divorce over thirty years ago.

The former actor, now preacher, claims that the magazine described him as a “pervert” because of the alleged s*x tape of his former wife, Jayne Kennedy Overton, and he is now suing them in the Cook County Court, Chicago, Illinois.

Kennedy alleges that during his divorce in 1981 from the actress, model and television host wife he allowed John Johnson, founder of Ebony magazine to pretty much have free reign on how he reported their divorce proceedings because he was a personal friend.

Kennedy claims, in the complaint, that Johnson broke his trust when he again reported about his divorce in the March 2013 issue of Ebony magazine.

The disgruntled evangelist goes on to state that because he wanted to get more circulation for his magazine, Johnson deliberately made up stories about famous African-American people, which included the Kennedy’s.

The 19-page lawsuit continues that “In furtherance of its calculated decision to sell copies by promoting scandalous stories about well known African-American public figures, in February 2013, Johnson published its March 2013 ‘Real-Life Scandal’ issue through Ebony Magazine. On the cover of the issue, Johnson stated that the issue was reporting on ‘Court Cases, Secret Affairs, Shocking Divorces, Drug Addictions …”

Kennedy’s complaint goes on to say that although he was not actually named in the article, it claimed that the first husband of Overton had, during their divorce proceedings, “viciously leaked” a s*x tape of her. It adds that the cover of the magazine said the article was about “Sex, Lies and the Pulpit.”

Kennedy claims that the s*x tape leakage was nothing more than vicious lies by Johnson and Ebony magazine and the video in question had been stolen by some other party 10 years after he and his former wife had already their divorce.

The worldwide evangelist is claiming over $1 million for the “lies” published about him in Ebony magazine, because it has affected his earning potential as a worldwide evangelist. He claims that the number of invitations he has received to speak at churches and other Christian events has declined because of the article.


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