Professors Find Traces Of Herpes In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Library Book

As if there aren’t enough reasons why you shouldn’t read the trashy erotica novel Fifty Shades of Grey, a library in Belgium gives us the ultimate one: herpes

Professors in Belgium put their toxicology screening skills to use at the Antwerp library by screening 10 of the most borrowed books in the library with bacteriology and toxicology tests.The results were not only startling but gross.

Each of the 10 books screened tested positive for traces of cocaine — not enough that could affect people if they touched it, but enough that they might test positive for the drug. The grossest result, however, had to be when they discovered traces of the herpes virus within the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey. The professors assured people that the concentration of the virus was so minimal that the public was at no risk.

The next time you plan on reading a trashy book from the public library, you may want to wear gloves. That, or use a Kindle.


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