Rapper Future Brags about His Cash on TV, Leading Child’s Mother to Demand More Child Support

future_jemblog_dot_comThe rapper Future has a lot of skill on stage, but he doesn’t have a lot of skill at protecting himself in the bedroom. He also is the latest rapper to learn that you shouldn’t flaunt it if you ain’t got it. The rapper is being hit for more money from his child’s mother, a woman that he had a baby with but didn’t have plans to keep around. She is making the demands after hearing him brag about his massive bankroll to the media.

Future is fighting with the child’s mother to get his child support payments reduced and to get more custody of his son. The woman is actually going in the opposite direction and demanding more cash. So, it looks like one person is making demands in response to the other one, which is typical in baby mama drama.

TMZ says that Future (real name Nayvadius Cash) is fighting with Jessica Smith about money and kids after a DNA test proved that he was the father. The boy is not an infant though, he’s actually 10 years old. Jessica says that Future lied about how much money he has, so she wants a bigger check each month.

But Future is saying that his money situation is not what she thinks. He says that Jessica’s so-called “evidence” is wrong. What’s the evidence? Future’s claim in media that he keeps $25,000 in cash on him at all times. Maybe this newbie to the rap game shouldn’t try to pretend that he’s got as much money as Kanye West. It can draw unnecessary attention.

Maybe to combat the woman’s attack on his not-so-glamorous bank account, Future is trying to get more custody of his son. He says that Jessica took his son out of school without permission and “failed to deliver the minor child to school for unreasonable periods of time and/or delivered the child to school in tardy fashion.”

What a mess. Dude, next time, just protect yourself and stop making babies in the first place.


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