Red Tails – Movie Trailer (Stars Method Man, Ne-Yo, Terrence Howard)

Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Method Man, Ne-Yo, Tristan Wilds & others star in Red Tails , a George Lucas produced World War II pic about the Tuskegee Airmen aka The 322nd Fighter Group, who were he first African American military aviators in the United States armed forces and faced a myriad of racism. Coming to theaters January 20, 2012. Can’t wait for this!!!! Thank you Ice.

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3 responses to “Red Tails – Movie Trailer (Stars Method Man, Ne-Yo, Terrence Howard)”

  1. Arnold Jenson says:

    Dis be alls tom foolery! Ol’ Arnie knows dat his daddy only shine da shoes twa Centra Station. Dem whities gives ‘im some fine dollas. Ain’t no greens ta fill dem belly. Sos paps jus do whats he does. An’ den dem whities take is life. dems’ all bad. jus’ other day sum whitie put dem boots ta arnie…calls im lazy and faggot. Ainno Botty ‘ere honk along! Course, Bill and Donnie be away…ors dis rascism buoy be gettin knuckle lovin’ from old Arnie.

  2. Desmond_Reynolds says:

    Arnie, take a lesson from yo pappy.  Be nice ta whitie an’ maybe you make sum dollas.  Ya gotta stop bitin’ da hand d’at feed ya.  Rumour has it, back in yo Holla’wood days ya bit Russel Crowe in da hand afta he give ya a fistful a dollas and he went all Michael J Fox on yo ass., killa rabies. 

    D’at damn dog Donnie ain’t no better.  Word on de street, he tried to mount the dog from Frasier.  Poor mutt cant get a job now!  Donnie dunno if he is some kinda fudge-packin’ canine or lookin’ for da closest hole? 

    Caught Anrie takin’s a nap next to ma merrigolds ‘gain.  Looksee, tries ta wake ’em an’ Donnie bit da’ rubba off ma sneaka.  I smack him upside da head and he just smile at me with d’at dumb ass dog smile.  Arnie wakes up and tells me d’at he an Bill Cosby was drinkin’ some Pabst Blue Ribbon w’it Billy Dee.  D’ey were havin’ fun until da creepy Burger King guy came ta sodomize all t’ree!

  3. arnold Jenson says:

    After getting all cleaned up, I decided to focus on watching this movie. Fact is that it wasn’t done poorly, but could have been done so much better.

    God rest ol’ Ebert’s soul. No one was better than him to give a good film it’s due.

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