Robin Thicke Talks Miley Cyrus during Oprah Interview: ‘Listen, I’m The Twerkee’ (video)

Robin Thicke’s in-depth interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” isn’t set to air until Sunday, but we can already tell that he plans to play the victim role.

In a new promo clip teased today, the ”Blurred Lines” singer throws Miley Cyrus way under the bus by acting like he was just a mere bystander during their twerk-a-thon VMA performance.

“This is funny to me, it’s silly,” Thicke says.

“You didn’t think it was sexual?” Oprah asks.

“I was on stage. I didn’t see it,” he says. “So to me, I’m walking out towards Miley [and] I’m not thinking sex. I’m thinking fun, you know?”

“But she’s twerking up against your…cojones.”

“But just remember, I’m singing my butt off so I’m sitting there, I’m looking up at the sky, and I’m not really paying attention to all that,” Thicke says. “That’s on her.

“People ask me, ‘Do you twerk?’ I go, ‘Listen, I’m the twerkee,’” he continues. “I’m twerked upon. I don’t twerk myself, OK? I’m just twerked upon.”

To the contrary, one of the background dancers said the performance was completely planned during a recent interview.

“Most of it was pretty planned. [Miley and Robin] both knew in rehearsals exactly what they were going to be doing. Robin seemed very on board and even suggested some of the moves. That being said, his wife and son were there the entire time,” she said.



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