Scandal Season 5 Promo (video)

ABC has just supplied viewers with the first glimpse of “Scandal” season 5, and the show may be bringing back some of the steamy drama that pulled us in in the beginning!

People shipping Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant might finally get the season they’ve been waiting for. Why? Because a new promo suggests that they may finally get to be together on their terms.

He might be married. He might be a killer. But none of that seems to matter to Olivia in this clip, where they meet on The White House balcony for a private moment. The new promo “Scandal” season 5 promo features them kissing without any concern that they may be spotted. Could they officially be out of f*cks about hiding their relationship? Maybe so.

Of course we all know that things just can’t be that simple, though! We’ll have to find out how complicated things get for Olivia and Fitz when season 5 of “Scandal” premieres September 24!


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