Scary: Minister Convicted of Knowingly Spreading HIV Found on Dating Site

Black_people_meet_joke_jemblog-dot-comLast year minister Rodney Carr from Memphis, Tennessee was arrested for knowingly infecting someone with HIV. Now this HIV positive minister is on the website and is looking for someone to be in a relationship with.

Carr infected a woman whose name has not been released sometime between 2010 and 2011. He found out about his diagnosis in 2005. The woman’s physician told her that she should get an HIV test during a routine visit to the gynecologist. As soon as she got the positive results back, she knew who it had been that infected her. She said that he had never told her that he was positive but she trusted him because of his profession.

The woman has a husband and says that he and Carr are the only people that she has been with. Her husband does not have the virus.

Now Carr has been spotted on this dating website. He has two different profiles. One is under the name “MinterWonderful”. She said that he is a creep and is not wonderful in the least. He has not listed that he was HIV positive on either of the profiles. The other profile has his full name listed as his handle.

When he was asked about his status by reporters on WHEG he said that he did not want to answer the question and then said that no, he did not spread the disease. A woman who leads the group, Friends For Life, which is a support group for those who are HIV positive, says that it is not a crime not to list his status online, however it is a crime not to tell someone before you sleep with them. She doesn’t think that Carr can be trusted to tell women that he meets that he is HIV positive.

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