Strange Man Has Sex With Stolen Dolls

A strange man has been breaking into the Laneway Adult Shop to have sex with blow-up dolls.  The owner of the store has been the victim of multiple break-ins and believes the same culprit is responsible.  According to the owner known only as Vogue, the weirdo breaks in, steals the dolls and has sex with them.  After he finishes doing his business, he leaves the dolls in the alley behind the store along with the DNA evidence…gross.  The owner says “It is totally bizarre. It is a real concern that someone like that is out on the street.”


I second that!  It’s unfortunate that he is committing a crime but at least it’s dolls and not real women.  It’s obvious that he should be punished for breaking and entering but how should this whole sex with doll thing be treated?

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