T-Pain Admits Struggles With Depression, Alcoholism & Crying Spells

T-PAIN-jemblog-dot-comThis week Vibe Magazine released an article about the high’s and low’s T-Pain has faced in his career. It seems that although T-Pain went through some very difficult times, he’s been able to turn his life around for the better in recent years.

The 29-year old musician reports that he struggled with depression, anger, and alcoholism when he was receiving heavy criticism for his auto-tuned music style that he is famous for. In the interview, he said:
“Around the time when people were hating on me about Auto-Tune, I was drinking as much as I could to get away from my problems, crying to myself. I’ve almost lost fingers from punching glass and pictures. I turned into a raging alcoholic. If I could talk to myself then, I would say, “Stop trying to get approval from these wack niggas that’s only gonna take your style.”

It appears T-Pain has had some real struggles throughout his career, but he’s been able to come through and work on creating a more positive life for himself. He realizes that at times he hadn’t been the most supportive husband or father to his children. But, it sounds at though he has grown up a lot and is trying to become a better family man.

“I could have been around my kids more.” T-Pain told Vibe. “I was young, so I felt like I wasn’t ready to sit down and be a dad. My wife and daughter were living in Tallahassee, and I wanted to go out to the club and do all that extra shit. My wife would be like, “Can we come see you?” And I would be like, “Well, not this weekend because I’m going to the club.”

T-Pain says that Diddy was the one who really helped encourage him and turn his life around when he was being criticized for his music. “He told me, ‘Imagine if you pushed yourself a little further out of your comfort zone. You ain’t tried it yet. That means you’re scared of yourself.’ That changed me.”

We always like hearing stories of troubled celebs being able to work through their difficult times and learn from past mistakes. We only hope that T-Pain can continue on this more positive path and we can’t wait to hear more from him!


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