The Best Free Software Pt.1

Circle Dock
– Who says a dock has to actually… dock? To the side of the screen, that is. Circle Dock brings up a spiraling launcher interface with all the icons you want to click. Rotate it with the wheel on your mouse and change the skin to suit your desktop.

www.ephpod.comIt does whatever iTunes does in Windows—syncing, playlists, iPod firmware updates, and much more, including moving music from an iPod to your new PC.

www.imeem.comIf iTunes were entirely in the cloud, it would be pretty close to imeem (formerly Anywhere.FM). Upload your music collection and videos to stream from any device. Digital Photos too. You can share them with friends you make on the service.

www.winamp.comStill a primo MP3 player, Winamp is both customizable (it heralded the age of “skins” on software and comes in multiple versions, including one that works with CDs.

MozyHome Free Don’t even think about backing up: MozyHome will do it for you, in the background, for up to 2GB of data (you can pay to get unlimited space). Perfect for office docs, but you’ll want to pay for more storage to back up pictures, music, or videos. Soon it will sync between PCs, too.

SpiderOak – It’s another 2GB of free online storage that backs up in the background, but SpiderOak goes Mozy one better by supporting Linux. – Still the best way to broadcast yourself, live, across the Web. All you need is the webcam.

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