Tyrese feat. Jennifer Hudson – Shame – Music Video (produced by Denzel Washington)

Tyrese feat. Jennifer Hudson "SHAME" Music Video (Produced by Denzel Washington) from Voltron Pictures on Vimeo.

Tyrese just dropped the second single “Shame” from his last solo album ever, Black Rose, and if you thought you loved the singer/actor/model before … then be prepared to fall in love all over again with his new song featuring Jennifer Hudson.

“Shame” is much more than Tyrese’s new single … it’s also the name of the short film he and J.Hud star in, directed by legendary director Paul Hunter.

About the Shame short film
Shame finds Tyrese playing an up-and-coming musician on tour named Lionel, who has “all the right moves.” Jennifer Hudson takes on the role of Lionel’s wife and back-up singer, who is described as “a woman whose strength and experience keeps her grounded despite her husbands shortcomings and infidelity.”

The film is being named as a must-see for 2015, and will make the rounds at the world’s most prestigious film festivals this year.


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