WalkCar – Tiny Personal Transporter

Japanese designers at Cocoa Motors, have created WalkCar, a tiny motorized transporter, small enough to fit in a bag, so that you can take it wherever you go. The 6.6-pound four-wheeled transport is designed to carry passengers as heavy as 265 pounds and has a top speed on 10kph and can travel for 12 kilometres when fully charged. To operate it, you just lean your body toward your destination and it moves with you, similar to a Segway.

To stop you simply just step off the tiny platform. The WalkCar isn’t quite ready for prime time, though. It’s still just a (completely functional) prototype. This fall, its creators will be turning to Kickstarter to help them finalize its design and make it consumer-ready. If all goes well, the WalkCar could sell for around $800 when available next year.

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