Watch Oprah’s Full Interview With Bobbi Kristina (Video)

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon -jemblog-dot-com

Revealed 4 Things About Whitney Houston

1- They did not expect her death. Brother Gary and and sister-in-law/manager Pat both said that there was never any indication that her death was imminent. She was not partying. She did exchange words with the X Factor girl that was not nice.

2- The family does not now nor has ever disliked Bobby Brown. Bobby did not introduce drugs to Whitney.

3- Bobbi Kristina says, “I still feel her present and gear her voice.”

4- Whitney was setting up to prepare for Bobbi Kristina’s career launch.

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2 responses to “Watch Oprah’s Full Interview With Bobbi Kristina (Video)”

  1. Jar Jar Bar Bar Bulox says:

    T’is a Calamity.  Oprah be lookin’ for da Witney stash.  Daughter aint be open’ her lips ta w’ispa da location.  Oprah be goin’ all Color Purple on young Kris-beef!

  2. Jackamo_BenBen says:

    Jackamo rap

    Yo yo jackamo! In the hood its understood, dont be dissin’ my Whitn’y.  Or you be saying ‘who hit me’.  Bring it down now….

    Oprah be the queen of talk.  She be killin’ wi’t teet dat wrott.  Bring it back now

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