Wiz Khalifa & Future Diss Their Exes In P*ssy Overrated (audio)


Wiz Khalifa and Future are in the midst of tumultuous breakups from Amber Rose and Ciara respectively and naturally that means that the two rappers just had to team up for a track. Get this, it’s called “P*ssy Overrated,” which I guess is self-explanatory.

Wiz raps:

“Ain’t one of them n*ggas, late night, stay on the phone witcha, I just wanna smoke the strong witcha, but you’re always trippin’”

And Future raps (or something like that):

“I knew you weren’t gon’ take it, after you stripped naked. You’re supposed to c*ck me like a star, girl you know you’re fakin’. Your p*ssy overrated.”

And all I can think is…tell ‘em why you’re mad! Sheesh! They should have had Drake on this track. So emotional!


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