Woman throws her baby at fellow bus passenger in order to start fistfight (video)


The baby’s mother argues loudly with another woman at the end of the bus before throwing her toddler girl at another passenger to hold while she runs get into a fistfight with the woman.

Shocking video shows the moment a young mom threw her baby out of the way so she could fight a fellow bus passenger. The angry woman is seen screaming at her rival for more than 90 seconds — with her tiny girl placidly sitting in her lap — before she roughly tosses the infant into the arms of a stranger across the aisle.

She then runs down to the end of the bus and launches into a vicious attack on her nemesis, who was apparently annoyed over a relationship a relative of the mom had with her own boyfriend. The ugly scene was caught on a cell phone camera by a fellow bus traveler in Connecticut. It’s not known when the footage was filmed. Neither woman has been identified.

watch the video here

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