John Legend, Common give ‘glory’ to Martin Luther King Jr. during concert in Selma (video)

January 19th, 2015


SELMA, Alabama — As the first notes of “Glory,” the Golden Globe-winning song by musicians John Legend and Common, resonated in the air on Sunday evening, thousands of people gathered at the foot of the iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge to listen.

The concert was one of several events on Sunday that featured the cast and crew of the film “Selma,” who were in Alabama to participate in a special march in honor Martin Luther King Jr. prior to Monday’s holiday.

Common and John Legend preform Glory on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma for the movie Selma. Legend talks about the feelings he had looking out on the crowd that gathered for the performance.
During the concert, Oprah Winfrey, Selma Mayor George Evans and U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell stood near the front of the stage together to take in the performance. At moments, Winfrey appeared extremely emotional and was seen wiping away tears.

The Hollywood stars and local politicians also had a bit of fun during the concert by interacting with the public and taking photos in front of the stage together during the song.

Following the performance, actor David Oyelowo, who plays Martin Luther King Jr. in the film, appeared on stage to end the night with a prayer that praised the acts of those involved in the Civil Rights movement and encouraged the youth in the audience to continue the fight for equality.

“Incredible things happened here,” said Oyelowo. “”I pray that the young people will see the glory and the power of themselves to enact change.”


Watch Dr. John Henrik Clarke Brilliantly Explain Why Black People Should Never Forget Their History (video)

January 18th, 2015

watch video here Read the rest of this entry »

‘SNL’ Showed What ‘The Wire’ Might Look Like In Current-Day Brooklyn starring Kevin Hart

January 18th, 2015


It’s unusual seeing Hart not talking a mile a minute, but he’s really good in a very funny sketch.


Whoopi Goldberg Questions Bill Cosby Accuser Beverly Johnson on The View (video)

January 16th, 2015


Raven-Symone Reveals Why She Went Tanning Almost Four Times A Week To Get Darker Skin (VIDEO)

January 15th, 2015

AKA suspends two cast members from VH1 “Sorority Sisters”

January 14th, 2015

aka-soroity-sisters-vh1-canceled-jemblog-dot-comAs most people know, the new VH1 show, “Sorority Sisters” did not get a warm welcome among the sororities that were being represented by the network. You would be hard-pressed to find any member of any of the Black Greek letter organizations who is in support of the show.

But freedom of speech is real, and people are going to use it in whatever way they see fit.

Despite individuals having the right to do what they want, organizations can also retaliate in a nasty way. Your right to wear the colors of your sorority is dependent upon your remaining in good standing with the group’s leadership. That’s where you may run into problems if they aren’t happy with what you’re doing.

According to, two members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc have been suspended from their organization after appearing on the show, “Sorority Sisters.” April McRae and Joy Hammond have been suspended from December 26, 2014 through July 15, 2016, which is probably long enough to ruin their careers as reality television “stars.” It’s not clear if the suspension was in reaction to their appearance on the show, but no one would be surprised if it were.

Lawrence Ross, author of “The Divine Nine: The History Of African-American Sororities & Fraternities,” says that the official website for AKA has confirmed the suspension of the two women. The women are members of the Chi Tau Omega and Lambda Epsilon Omega chapters of the sorority. Any chapter name that ends with the word “Omega” is a graduate chapter for AKA.

The show has NOT been deemed acceptable by either the black community at-large or those who are members of Black Greek Letter Organizations. Petitions, boycotts and other actions have led to some corporations dropping their sponsorship for the show. The general concern is that reality television in general doesn’t paint black women in a positive light, and that the goal is for VH1 to profit by damaging the reputation of some of the most respected organizations within the African American commuity. BET is the sister network of VH1, and both are owned by Viacom.

Alpha Kappa Alpha said even more about the show on their website:

As leaders of the four historically African American sororities, we are united in our belief that Sorority Sisters, which aired Monday, December 15, 2014 on VH1, poses a shameful affront to our proud legacies of service, scholarship and sisterhood.

For more than a century, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated; and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, have been at the vanguard of positive social change and served as repositories for women with shared ideals.

As such, we are saddened by the producers’ desire to elevate harmful, negative, and stereotypical imagery of African American women in their quest for ratings. Moreover, these cast members willfully misrepresent the ideals of our illustrious organizations, betray the privilege of membership bestowed upon them, undermine our collective promise to uplift communities and each other, and detract from the transformative programs carried out by our members worldwide. This cast, these plotlines and the entire show premise represent the antithesis of who we are as African American women, sorority sisters and friends.

On behalf of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated; and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, we condemn this television show for its exploitation and degradation of our organizations and African American women everywhere.

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story (courtesy of Dr Boyce Watkins):

1) For many corporations (AKA included), one of their most valuable assets is their corporate brand and reputation. Alpha Kappa Alpha, founded in 1908, has spent over a century cultivating and protecting its brand. It would be no surprise to see them fight like hell on this one and possibly consider filing lawsuits. By suspending women who choose to be on the show, they are disallowing VH1 to profit from the exploitation of an image they spent many decades (and millions of dollars) trying to build.

2) Black women have become the ultimate cash cow for reality television. Networks are earning money hand over fist by throwing black females into a fighting ring like caged animals and watching them tear each other’s heads off. This only adds to the image of the black woman as contentious, bitter, volatile, unlovable and mentally ill. These images have influence on young girls, who are then taught to believe that these messages reflect true black womanhood, continuing the cycle of broken families and psychological terrorism which exists in too many black communities today. In other words, these shows are responsible for creating psychological STDs that don’t do much harm to the white guys getting rich from these shows, but can damage black families for generations. The media is very, very powerful in shaping black identity…..we can never forget that.


Naya Rivera Says Showering Everyday Is A “White People Thing” (video)

January 14th, 2015


Former “Glee” actress and Big Sean’s former “IDFWU” inspired ex-fiancee Naya Rivera made quite the claim while she was a guest on The View. She went on to say how showering everyday is a “white people thing” and that people of more ethnic backgrounds do not shower as much as them (WHAT THE F*CK?!) When co-host Rosie O’Donnell goes into the audience and calls on an African-American women to hear what she has to say about the ridiculous comment, she quickly explains that she “showers every single day.”

Naya quickly tried to save herself by saying her mother is a half black and half Puerto Rican women who also showers everyday. She further explained herself by going on to reveal her husband Ryan Dorsey, who is a white man, showers two-three times a day and she finds it weird. She says she always questions him why he feels the need to constantly clean himself. (Yeah, pretty lame attempt at fixing what she said.)

How do you feel about Naya’s outlandish claim that white people shower more than people of ethnic backgrounds?


Nicki Minaj’s Ex Safaree Samuels Talks About Their Relationship on Power 105.1 New York (video)

January 14th, 2015

Trump Fires Keshia Knight-Pulliam aka Rudy Huxtable for Not Calling Bill Cosby for Money

January 5th, 2015


Rihanna – World Peace (audio)

January 2nd, 2015


Nicki Minaj Breaks Down Over Breakup With Safaree Samuels: ‘I Don’t Even Know How I’m Going To Function’ – ‘But I am Happy’

December 19th, 2014

Nicki Minaj Films New Music Video

Like I don’t even know how I’m gonna function without that person in my life. I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without him […] I tell my girlfriends, my best friends, but sometimes I still wanna tell him stuff and get his opinion.”

Nicki broke down and cried over her failed relationship. Angie asks her if she thinks the relationship can be saved.

“I think I’m beyond that point now because I’ve found so much peace now. It’s kind of like now I don’t want to go back to feeling like how I was feeling. But I don’t know what life holds, I don’t know what the future holds. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. And if it’s not meant to be then thank God we got out now before there were children involved because I would hate to do that.”

“But I am a lot happier now and I know that’s hard to see with the tears but I really am.”

She goes on to say that she believes that her career is to blame for her failed relationship.

“If I wasn’t a rapper, we would have children and be married and be be living happily ever after. That’s what we’re both sad about because we know that this shit did it.”
Oh Nicki, breaking up is hard to do. This is the first time we’ve seen Nicki truly get really personal about her private life. I hate to see her seem so sad but we’ve all been there before and it definitely gets better.


Nicki Minaj – Only (Music Video) – Feat Drake, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

December 14th, 2014


Beyonce Shares Life Lessons In New Video – Yours and Mine

December 14th, 2014

I sometimes wish I could be anonymous and walk down the street like everyone else. Before I was famous, I was the girl on the hill with the guitar. I was the girl who just wanted a beautiful view of the beach. And now that I’m famous, it’s really really difficult to do really, really simple things. I think it’s the hardest thing to give up. But my mother always taught me to be strong and to never be a victim. Never make excuses. Never expect anyone else to provide for me, things I know I can provide for myself. I have dreams and I feel like I have a power to actually make those dreams actually become a reality.
When you’re famous no one looks at you as a human anymore. You become the property of the public. There’s nothing real about it. You can’t put your finger on who I am. I can’t put my finger on who I am.

Growing up
I grew up with a lot of conflict and traumas and I’ve been through a lot, just like everyone else. My escape was always music and I’m so lucky that that’s my job.
I was brought up seeing my mother try to please and make everyone comfortable. And always felt like it was my job to fix the problem…people pleaser. But I’m no longer afraid of conflict. And I don’t think conflict is a bad thing cuz I know that when you grow up, when you learn a few things you’re no longer afraid of letting go. You’re no longer afraid of the unknown.
If I hadn’t gone through some of the painful experiences in my life, I would not be me.

But if I accomplished all of these things and had no one to share with, it would be worth nothing. You know, you need something real in order for any of this stuff to matter. You have to have something that is forever, something that’s invisible.

People feel like they lose something when they get married. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing more exciting than having a witness to your life.

Her body
I feel like my body is borrowed and this life is very temporary.
I watched my friend’s body deteriorate. And to watch someone pass on so gracefully put everything into perspective. We do not value ourselves enough. Especially young people don’t appreciate how brilliant our bodies are. I’ve always been very very specific and very choosey…very choosey about what I do with my body and who I want to share that with.

I always consider myself a feminist although I was always afraid of that word because people put so much on it. When honestly it’s very simple, it’s just a person that believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out and we have to get to a point where we are comfortable with appreciating each other.
I have a lot of empathy for men and the pressures that they go through and the cultures that have been created, especially for African American men. I have the same empathy for women and the pressures we go through. A woman has to provide so many things for their children. I consider myself a humanist.

And her final thought:
One thing that’s for sure, the love I have for music, for my husband, for my child is something that will last far beyond my life.


Mary J. Blige Sheds Spotlight on Domestic Violence in ‘Whole Damn Year’ Video

December 9th, 2014

Mary J. Blige has taken a risk with her new album, The London Sessions, a sonically adventurous project from the reigning Queen of Soul that stemmed from a summer of recording in the U.K. with British bigwigs like Sam Smith, Disclosure, Naughty Boy, and Jimmy Napes. One of the album’s rawest, sparsest tracks is “Whole Damn Year,” which weaves through Blige’s blow-by-blow tale of heartbreak and the time it takes a heart to recover.

In the new, domestic abuse-themed video for “Whole Damn Year,” Ms. Mary takes a backseat as other couples fight dramatically, with women and men cowering in fear for their lives. It’s a blistering, starkly literal take on the song’s dramatic lyrics, though it does end with forgiveness and a hair flip of acknowledgment.


Whitney, a Lifetime Movie Directed by Angela Bassett (Video)

December 5th, 2014

whitney-biopic-lifetime-jemblog-dot-comEverything about the late Whitney Houston is iconic: her voice, her music, and her story. And on Jan. 17, Lifetime will bring Houston’s journey to life in Whitney, the network’s new Hollywood biopic that stars Yaya DaCosta (The Butler) in the title role and was directed by Angela Bassett.

BuzzFeed has the world premiere of the trailer for Whitney — a film that chronicles Houston’s life from church choir in Newark, New Jersey, to the heights of global superstardom. But, as her fans have come to know all too well in the wake of her tragic death in February 2012, there was another, darker side to the singer — one that’s front and center in the exclusive trailer.

From her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown (played by Into the Storm’s Arlen Escarpeta) to her struggles with addiction, it looks like Whitney will offer a no-holds-barred window inside Houston’s world.


Katt Williams is ‘Excited’ About Relationship With Love & Hip Hop” Star Hazel E

December 4th, 2014

hazel-e-jemblog-dot-comJust when things couldn’t get any weirder in Hollywood, reports are alleging that there is a new power couple in the making— “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Hazel E and veteran comedian Katt Williams.

Hazel was recently spotted at one of Katt Williams’ shows in Cincinnati, Ohio where he took the time, before the show began, to introduce the reality television star to his fans.

He said, “I want to take the time to welcome and thank the beautiful star of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ Hazel, for coming with me this evening.”

Hazel was sitting in the front row with her family. She was very happy to be acknowledged by Katt Williams.

When asked if the two were an item, Hazel stated, “We met through a mutual acquaintance at an event at The London Hotel in Hollywood. Our relationship has been official for a few weeks.”

Hazel further confirms that she and Katt Williams were indeed an item to the magazine Sister 2 Sister. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, she said that the relationship is still new but “exciting and refreshing.” “I still blush when I see him and that’s every day. It doesn’t hurt that he is the funniest man on the planet. I cry laughing all day.”

Katt Williams also shares the same sentiments. He stated, “I’m excited. She is a beautiful person and she brings a lot of positive energy to my life.”

Awwww!!! Now we’re wondering if Katt Williams will join the cast of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Nonetheless, we’re wishing Hazel the best. She was recently romantically linked to Tom Hanks’ son Chet. And the world watched as she ended her toxic on-again, off-again love affair with her former cast mate Yung Berg on her reality television show.

Both Hazel and Katt Williams are natives to Cincinnati, Ohio.



Real Housewives Star Porsha Williams Gets Dumped By Sugar Daddy; Selling Her Rolls Royce

December 2nd, 2014

Porsha Williams was living the highlife of a kept woman and posting the proof on instagram – until her mysterious sugar daddy got tired of her not being able to keep her mouth shut and dumped her for indiscretion! Oops!

Sources say the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star has been gifted a bevy of pricy gifts from a mysterious man – rumored to be a Nigerian oil billionaire – one of those gifts was as $300,000 Rolls Royce. But without her sugar daddy helping with the bills, Porsha is reassessing her finances.

Porsha has been living luxuriously in the way of bags, jewelry, travel, clothes, shoes – and a white Rolls (but not a working doorbell!), courtesy of RHOA’s latest mystery man, but all that has come to an end. According to TMZ, Porsha was warned to stop bragging about her swag on social media but when she didn’t, she got cut off. So now she needs some money and is selling the car.

Apparently, despite what it seems, Porsha is far from broke – she still earned six-figures from RHOA this season, is doing well with Naked Hair and other endorsements, plus she gets paid well by Dish Nation, but now that she doesn’t have her boyfriend covering the extras she’s gotta get more responsible with her money situation and that means shedding the unnecessary extras! At least until she meets another rich man.

Confirming that her car is the first to go, Porsha said, “I’m trading up with the new year coming up.” Porsha was initially rumored to be dating Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, an African dictator’s son. Then she reportedly moved on to Bashorun Jide Omokore, a billionaire Nigerian (is he related to Kenya’s “man”?).

When Bashorun’s wife, a Nigerian bank executive, learned of the affair – via social media and the Rolls purchase – she issued a warning to Porsha to stay away from her man or risk a beatdown. Yikes! Of course, Porsha has never confirmed or denied her involvement with Bashorun and no credible reports have ever linked them together, so who knows. One thing is certainly clear, on her own Porsha is not buying half-million dollar cars! In fact, Porsha has maintained that she is single all along.

Porsha certainly is cycling through men, and stuff, and jobs quickly – it was only about a year ago that she finalized her divorce from Kordell Stewart – whom she was only married to for less than two years. She’s already been demoted from RHOA after 2 seasons, and now she’s losing this new ‘boyfriend’. Yikes!


Willow and Jaden Smith’s 61 Year Old Grandmother

November 30th, 2014

Willow - Jaden-Smith-Grandma-61-jemblog-dot-com
Time to hit the gym!!!!

Beyoncé – 7/11 (Music Video)

November 23rd, 2014

A Complete List of the Women Who Have Accused Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

November 23rd, 2014


The following women have alleged as a matter of public record that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted or raped them. They are listed in the order their allegations became public.

1. Lachele Covington. Covington, an actress who was 20 at the time, filed a police report alleging that Cosby pushed her hand toward his penis after inviting her to his New York home on Jan. 25, 2000 to give her career advice. The New York Post reported that authorities “decided no crime had been committed because until the very moment Covington pulled her hand away, all actions had been consensual.” A Cosby spokesperson called the story “not true.”

2. Andrea Constand. Constand told Ontario police in January 2005 that a year prior, when she was 31, she had visited Cosby at his home in Pennsylvania seeking career advice. (Constand, an Ontario native, worked at the time for Temple University, Cosby’s alma mater.) Constand alleges he gave her “herbal” pills for anxiety, then “touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated” her. The Pennsylvania prosecutor who looked into the case has said that while he didn’t bring charges because the available evidence was not sufficient, he found Constand “credible” and found Cosby “evasive.” After prosecutors declined to charge him, Constand filed a civil suit against Cosby for $150 million; her suit cited, anonymously, 13 other women who alleged that he had sexually assaulted them. (Some of those women, referred to as “Jane Does” in legal language, have since identified themselves publicly and are mentioned below. The identities of Jane Doe witnesses are disclosed to defendants so their testimony can be fairly researched and challenged, but they are not ID’d by name in court or in public records.) Cosby’s attorney called Constand’s claims “utterly preposterous.” The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2006.

3. Tamara Green. In February of 2005, Green, a retired trial attorney, appeared on The Today Show and told Matt Lauer that Cosby had drugged and assaulted her in the ’70s. Green was working as a model and met Cosby through mutual friends, she says, and he once offered her what he told her was cold medicine when she was ill. When she began to feel incapacitated, she alleges, he offered to take her home, where he began groping and undressing her; when she struggled, he left, leaving behind two $100 bills on her table. Cosby’s attorney issued the following response (which referenced Green’s maiden name, Lucier): “Miss Green’s allegations are absolutely false. Mr. Cosby does not know the name Tamara Green or Tamara Lucier, and the incident she describes did not happen.” Green was one of the Jane Does cited in Constand’s lawsuit.

4. Beth Ferrier. In June 2005, Ferrier, 46 at the time, told the Philadelphia Daily News that Cosby drugged her coffee when she visited him before a performance in Denver when she was 25. Ferrier, who worked as a model, had been in a consensual relationship with Cosby that ended before the alleged assault; she met him through mutual acquantainces and had believed he would help her with her career. Ferrier was also a Jane Doe.

5. Barbara Bowman. In 2006, Bowman publicly identified herself as one of Constand’s Jane Does via an article in Philadelphia Magazine, though she didn’t discuss details of her accusation at the time. In October of this year—after comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist during a performance—Bowman, now 47 and an artist, spoke about her experience to the Daily Mail. When she was 17 and pursuing a career as a model and actress, she says, she met Cosby, who she says pursued a mentor-mentee relationship with her and drugged and assaulted her multiple times. (While the Daily Mail can be unreliable, Bowman later vouched for its version of her account in a Washington Post piece.) Bowman’s account mentions that during their first encounter he asked her to wet her hair and pretend to be drunk while he stroked her, an incident similar to those recounted by other accusers.

6. Joan Tarshis. On Nov. 16 of this year Joan Tarshis, a 64-year-old music industry publicist and journalist, told Hollywood Elsewhere that Cosby raped her twice in 1969 when she was 19 years old and pursuing a career as a writer in L.A. Tarshis says Cosby first assaulted her after he invited her to work on material with him in his bungalow and made her a drink that caused her to lose consciousness.

7. Linda Joy Traitz. Now 63, Traitz wrote on Facebook on Nov. 17 that Cosby assaulted her when she was 19 and working as a waitress at a restaurant that he partially owned. Traitz alleges that Cosby offered her a ride home from the restaurant but instead drove her to a beach and tried to force her to take pills to help her “relax.” Traitz told CNN he then groped her chest, pushed her down, and tried to lie on top of her. Traitz has a criminal record that includes imprisonment on a drug trafficking conviction; in a response to her allegations, Marty Singer, an attorney representing Cosby, cited her troubled past and said she lacks credibility.

8. Janice Dickinson. On Nov. 18, model and reality TV personality Janice Dickinson, now 59, told Entertainment Tonight that Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1982. At a dinner in Lake Tahoe at which they were to discuss her career, she says, she asked him for a pill for period cramps, and that “the last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain.” Singer, Cosby’s attorney, called Dickinson’s story “a fabricated lie.” Dickinson says Cosby’s attorneys kept her from including a description of the alleged assault in a 2002 book, but Singer says she never wrote such a description and was never contacted by Cosby representatives.

9. Therese Serignese. The Huffington Post printed allegations made against Cosby by Serignese, a 57-year-old nurse in Boca Raton, Florida, on Nov. 20. She says she encountered Cosby in 1976 when she was 19 years old; he was headlining a show at the Las Vegas Hilton, she alleges, and approached her in the hotel gift shop. Backstage in the green room, he allegedly gave her drugs, and when she came to he was having sex with her in a bathroom, she says. Serignese subsequently stayed in contact with Cosby and accepted money from him—which he had promised to give her if she pursued an education and received good grades. She told the HuffPo that at one point in their relationship (it’s not clear when) he asked her to wet her hair and pretend to be an actress.

10. Carla Ferrigno. Carla Ferrigno, an actress and the wife of Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno, told Rumorfix on Nov. 20 that in 1967 Cosby grabbed her and forcefully kissed her at a party while his wife was in another room.

11. Louisa Moritz. Moritz, a 68-year-old lawyer and onetime actress who appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, told TMZ in a story published Nov. 20 that in 1971, Cosby forced her to perform oral sex on him in the greenroom of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Singer responded by saying allegations against Cosby have “reached a point of absurdity” and alleging that Moritz has been the subject of professional sanctions: “Mortiz is a lawyer who was disciplined by the California State Bar and ordered not to practice. We pulled the documents — she can’t practice because she didn’t report certain quarterly reports.”

12. Renita Chaney Hill. Hill, now 47, says she met Cosby when she was 15 and he was filming an educational TV segment in Pittsburgh. Hill says they stayed in touch for four years—that Cosby flew her to meet with him in various cities and kept in touch with her parents, asking them about her grades in school. On Nov. 20 a Pittsburgh CBS affiliate broadcast an interview with Hill in which she said she believes Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her on more than one occasion during their relationship.

13. Angela Leslie. On Nov. 21, the New York Daily News reported that a 52-year-old former model-actress named Angela Leslie says that Cosby sexually assaulted her in Las Vegas in 1992. Leslie alleges Cosby fixed her a drink, asked her to wet her hair and pretend to be intoxicated, and masturbated using her hand while she was “in shock.”